Top 20 Movies In 2021 With 2021.

MediaBox always provides the latest Movies on its users.

As a result of that you can watch following Movies with MediaBox.

1. Sweet Girl

Genre: Action Thriller

When  Amanda Cooper, the loving wife of the protagonist of Sweet girl movie, succumbed to cancer as a result of a pharmaceutical company’s negligence, her husband tries to seek revenge on everyone responsible for her death while being the protector of his daughter.

2. Breathless

Genres: Adventure 

The storyline of Breathless revolves around a police officer father named Manolo who is determined to nab a drug cartel. As the story unveils, he finds his daughter has fallen in love with a man who is unknowingly engaged with that drug cartel.

3. Night Book

Genre: Fiction/ Fantasy

A boy who is keen on listening to horror stories finds himself and his friend is captivated by a modern style witch’s apartment, urging them to find a way to escape.

4. Jurassic Hunt

Genre: Sci-fi thriller

With the hope of culling genetically modified dinosaurs for recreation, a female adventure seeker named Parker teams up with a group of male trophy hunters. During their exercise members of her team are killed one after another mysteriously.
Now Packer is up against a new challenge. Everyone suspects her to be a spy.

5. The tomorrow war

Genres SI-FI/Action

A team of time travellers from the year 2015 pop up and warns that in 30 years the earth is going to be on the verge of aliens attract. Now people in the present are left with no option other than to alter the future.

6. Don’t breath 2

Genre: Horror/Thriller

Norman Nordstrom, a blind Navy seal war veteran lives with a girl, Phoenix, and a dog peacefully. All that changes when Phoenix is kidnapped by a gangster group, forcing him to search her.

7. Infinite

Genre: Action/Sci-fi

Not until team Infinite informs Evan McCauley little did he know that most of his present memories are from a past life. Then he teams up with Infinite to save mankind from an impending threat.

8. Father moves Mountain

Genre: Drama

During a snow hike son of a retired Romanian intelligent officer goes missing. Mircea, the unwavering father has embarked on a mission to find him.

9. Luca 

Genres: Comedy/Adventure

Luca, a boy with a secret, is having a gala of time during one summer in an Italian town called Riviera. But all that happiness is about to change when his true identity is revealed.

10. Cinderella 

Genre: Fantasy/Romance

Cinderella 2021 is a musical movie based on the fairy tale Cinderella. If you have watched previously Cinderella movie, you’ll surely enjoy this.

11. Egg run

Genre: Animate/Comedy

When a group of Russian goons steal their eggs, a rooster along with his partner decide to engage in a perilous journey to Congo to bring them back.

12. Jolt

Genre: Action/Comedy

Lindy Lewis, a bouncer who can not control her anger, learns that the man, who when on a date with her, has been murdered. And she is determined to find his murderer.

13. Malignant

Genre: Horror/Thriller

A young woman named Madison finds that all of her nightmares are realities from killing her husband when she wakes up from sleep.

14. Shang-chi and the legend of ten rings.

Genre: Adventure/Action

A martial art master, Shang-chi, has to face again a criminal super-powered organization named ten rings which he had confronted with in the past.

15. Old  

Genres: Horror/thriller

A family of four goes on a family vacation trip to a tropical resort and visit a secluded beach only to find that their lives are limited to only one day.

16. Candy Man

Genre: Horror/Triller

When Anthony and his wife move to New location called Cabrini, a place associated with horror. Anthony ends up facing with series of violence after unwittingly open a door to a mysterious past.

17. Dune 

Genres: Sci-fi/Adventure

In a time where travel faster than light is real, Paul Atreides, a man destined to save mankind from danger, must admit on a travel to a sand-filled planet called dune.

18. The guilty

Genre: Drama/Thriller

On a one-morning, while doing his duty as a police call centre officer of 911, a cop receives a call from a kidnapped woman. Now he is tasked with rescuing her at all costs.

19. No time to de 

Genre: Action/Adventure

Missioned with rescuing an abducted scientist, James Bond is very close to catching the villain armed with a state-of-the-art weapon.

20. My Son

Genre: Drama/Mystery 

Mr  Murray learns that their only seven-year-old son has been kidnapped after a phone call from his wife. With the inspector, Roy should take down his son’s kidnappers.
My son is a remake of the French movie  Mon garcon.

MediaBox Alternative

MediaBox APK V2.5 & The Latest Updates MediaBox VIP.

Here we are back with a good news for Android users from MediaBox.

MediaBox team has been updated its previous version to the latest APK V 2.5.

Now you can enjoy your all preferred Movies.TV Shows,Cartoons and Animated Movies confidentially with the latest version of this application.

Your device will be a Movie theater as soon as possible.

So this will help you to get know all about the MediaBox latest updates as well as MediaBox VIP.

Let’s go to head with this new face and new features of MediaBox.

MediaBox VIP

MediaBox VIP is the best place to feel your latest Cinema experience confidentially.

Free from ads and available other features very well.

Following are the best features of MediaBox VIP.

Even though you are already using this application’s free version,you may have faced for interruptions with advertising and other stuffs.

So VIP version is the best place to get avoid all those interruptions.

How To Become A MediaBox VIP Member

If you are a new member for this streaming application,please download the free version of this app and follow the instructions.

Please go to the MediaBox official website

Then tap on Login To Become VIP.

Then tap on Join Now.

Provide required info and create a Password too.

MediaBox Latest Features

This application provides very advance features such as Trakt Sign Out,RealDebrid Sign in,Premiumize Sign in.

Moreover you can place Media Requests too.

MediaBox team has been created a Help Center on its users.

So with this application’s newer features you can watch all your willing Movies and TV Shows for free.

Movies Most Watched On MediaBox

  • Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings
  • Free Guy
  • Spider-Man:No Way Home
  • Venom:Let There Be Carnage
  • CandyMan
  • Don’t Breath 2
  • The Suicide Squad
  • Jungle Cruise
  • F9

Many other latest Movies available to add on this list.

Please be patient till we provide the rest of all Movie list.


MediaBox V 2.5 is the latest upgraded version of APK.

All Android users are free to download or upgrade this version right now.

Please try this on your smart phone too.

MediaBox Download On iOS 15

iOS 15 is the biggest releasing of Apple firmware chain with latest and unbelievable features including FaceTime Call sharing option.So now you can share your watching Movie on MediaBox among your friends,Family members or any other your favorite person.If you are still away from MediaBox or iOS 15,please reach to it first and experience this new innovation without any hardware or software restriction.

Before you are going to download this application on your iOS 15 running iPhone/iPad,please read all about the iOS 15 features and how do you can apply those features when you are watching Movies,TV Shows,Cartoons,Animated Movies.

Yes ,now its very easy to share your life with others with your single piece of thing that you are doing in your life with iOS 15.So we suppose that this iOS firmware is the best place to share your device activities with your friends.

iOS 15 Features

Mainly we suppose to talk about the SharePlay option.

Using this option you can share your device screen.So when you are watching a Movie on your mobile phone,you can share that screen among your friends with this amazing option.

Not only Movies but also you can listen to the Music albums together as well as talk to each other and commenting on those videos.More than we talk its better to take a practical experience of this option.

  • New Memoji
  • Photo Collections
  • Notification summary
  • New Driving Features
  • Immersive walking instructions features
  • Transit Features added
  • Tab bar has designed newly
  • Advance Voice search
  • Live Text
  • Text translation live

You can use all above features as well as more other hits with iOS 15.It will be more worth with MediaBox combination of iOS 15 indeed.

MediaBox iOS Latest Version Download On iOS 15

Go to our download page and select your platform.

Then hit the download button.

Tap on Install.

The application will bee started to install on your device.

Check your Home Screen and you can notice that the app is installing.

Once the application finished installing itself,please go to Settings>>General>>Profile & Device Manager and trust this app on your device.

MediaBox VIP Download On iOS 15

MediaBox VIP version is the most stable version of MediaBox including following exclusive features.So if you are willing to use VIP version of this app,please read this section carefully.

  • Free to use
  • Advertising not display
  • Giving high priority to users requests
  • Fast loading and fast downloading speed
  • Full descriptive videos

How to download MediaBox VIP

Step 01:Please download the app on your device first.

Step 02:Then Tap on the Menu bar and select VIP.

Step 03:Then Tap On the Become VIP.

Step 04:If you are a new member ,please provide your Email address and password and continue the process.

MediaBox Favorite List

MediaBox app has facilitated to create a favorite Movie list.So you can create your all willing medias as your favorite Movie/TV Show list.

  • Regularly uploading newly released Movies
  • Automatic loading subtitles
  • Full HD Videos

The Best Movies In 2021 With MediaBox

  • Infinite
  • Black Widow
  • Gunpowder Milkshake
  • A Quite Place Part 2
  • Cruella
  • The Tomorrow War

Just a click good enough to play videos on your iPhone/iPad.If you want to download videos ,then you can do it with a single hit.Where you can select your video quality too.

So this is the way that you can follow to watch unlimited Movies and TV Shows for free with subs.Please download this app and get your freedom with MediaBox on your iOS 15 firmware without software restrictions indeed.


Can you download MediaBox from Cydia ?

Yes indeed you can do this.

Because Cydia is a third party app store.

You can Cydia download firstly then download MediaBox from it.

You already know much about MediaBox and its stuffs.

But Cydia ?

Let’s figure this out.

Cydia is an unofficial third party app store which is compatible with iOS platform only.

You must follow a compatible iOS jailbreak method on your device to download and install Cydia.

So our opinion for you is read this article and related article completely and get a complete idea about iOS jailbreak.

Then you can face to Cydia confidentially.

So what is actually Cydia ?


Cydia is the first Unofficial iOS app store.

This app store you can download only with an iOS jailbreaking method.

What is iOS jailbreak

iOS jailbreak is a simple method that you can follow to remove all software restrictions from your device.

You must use a compatible jailbreak tool for this process.

How to jailbreak your device

There are several methods available to jailbreak.

So you have to select your way with a compatible tool.

Please go through our download page and Tutorial guide page to do this.

What are the required devices on iOS jailbreak ?

  • iPhone
  • iPad

Cydia Features

This app shows very advance features that users even can’t believe.

  • You can change your iPhone/iPad themes.
  • Customize your device appearance.
  • Change your device software aspects

Very cool know.

Yes this is the best innovation that ever invented.Using this amazing app store you can do most of things that you would like to do with your iPhone,iPad.

Apple doesn’t let its users to do most of things for free.Thus users have been stuck with some parts.

So Cydia is the best option to remove all barriers from your device. Therefore we invite you to join with us and experience this one on your iPhone/iPad for free.

MovieBox The New Innovation In The Movie World.

If you are a big fan of Movies,here we have a deal with you.MovieBox stands to give you its hand for free to watch unlimited Movies,Cartoons,Animated Movies ,TV Shows.

Convenience categorization will be provided your favorite way within few seconds on your mobile smart phone either iOS or Android .Just tap on your willing Movie and watch at once that you tapped on it with automatic loaded subtitles.

As you wished the high quality videos will be on your hand as well as more other features that you expected .This application is very compatible with mobile smart phones.You can use your mobile phone to watch movies at any time using your mobile data.

The best features of MovieBox

The most useable features we can highlight as below.Check this out and make sure that you are going to use the right source to watch your unlimited & ultimate Movie streams.

  • Full HD videos with changeable video qualities
  • Changeable themes with the Dark Mode
  • Make an automatic loading default subtitle language
  • Changeable subtitle colors as well as opacity
  • Kids mode will be helped to keep your child away from this application
  • Regularly uploading newly released Movies
  • Loading speed of videos & downloading speed of videos very fast
  • Convenience method to download videos with a single tap
  • Full Video description
  • Upcoming movies
  • Regularly updating with newer security features

From here we do hope to give you a complete guide to MovieBox download on your iOS/Android smart phone for free with safe.Before you are going to do this please make sure that you are not doing following crazy things at all.

  • Don’t provide your credit card details
  • Don’t provide your personal information
  • Don’t click on ads that might be appeared
  • Don’t turn off your device or wi-fi connection prior to finished the process of MovieBox downloading

MovieBox Downloading Guide

MovieBox APK

MovieBox APK is the Android platform supportive version.This version of MovieBox downloading and installing is very easy to perform within few steps.Prior to go through this ,give us your feedback on our service.Then follow the steps by step guidelines with the trusted downloading links.

Step 01:Please use the downloading button to download the latest version of MovieBox APK file.

Step 02:Once you tap on the downloading button APK file will be begun to download.It will be taken up few seconds to download.

Step 03:When the downloading completed ,tap on the Open option to continue the installation process.

Step 04:Then go to Settings and enable the Unknown source to continue the installation .

Step 05:Now hit the install button and wait for a movement.You can use the application now.

All you needed iOS download and installation guide will be provided via provided downloading button.Where we have given some important points and you just follow the instructions properly.Thank you.

The Best MovieBox Alternatives

The Best MediaBox Aleternative To Use

MediaBox is the best perfect way to watch unlimited movies on your mobile smart phone.If you are willing to get an another movie streaming application experience same goes MediaBox,we have an option to get that experience via ana amazing application.ZiniTevi is the way that you have that opportunity for free.You can watch unlimited Movies,TV Shows,Cartoons ,Animations with subtitles.The latest version of ZiniTevi shows very advance features and user friendly options too.This application also has two versions as IPA & APK.This application is running very well on both platforms without any software restrictions.If you are interesting on this application,please keep reading and gain your needed informations via our educational tutorial guides.

ZiniTevi ?

Where we thought to give an introduction for beginners who are willing to use this application and its uses.

Basically ZiniTevi is a third party movie streaming mobile friendly application which available for free.

IPA & APK versions available and free to download and install.

All videos are downloadable and free subtitles also available.

Movies,TV Shows Episodes,Cartoons,Animated Movies

ZiniTevi Features

100% free downloads

Multilingual free subtitles

Full HD videos

Regularly updating

Fast loading

Fast Downloading

Low internet speed required

High mobile friendly

Intended Use Of ZiniTevi

Users can use this application to,

Watch online videos

Watch offline videos

Share videos among friends

Watch upcoming Movies Trailers

Zinitevi Supportive facts

iOS works on iOS 9+ and upwards

Android phones/Android Box/FireStick works on Lollipop and above

If you are fulfilled all you needed factors according to the our informations,now you are ready to get the way that how to download and install ZiniTevi on your device and how to use it on your device.

Important Things On ZiniTevi & Its uses

This application and its all contents are free to use.Therefore users should not pay for this application at all.Don’t provide your credit card details or any other billing informations too.


mediaboxapp.onlene or are extremely educational websites and not affiliated with any product or owners of those products at all.This is an educational tutorial guide only.All links we have provided just for users convenience only.Therefore risk of those links users should take by their self.If Copyright contents available on products also not our faults too.So we are just sharing our knowledge with users who are interesting these products only.Thus we kindly request from all users that please see and use this website as an educational website only.

MediaBox Latest & Other Alternative Apps

MediaBox has released its latest version on public with few security updates and bug fixings.This article shows you the entire app description as well as categorization pattern of this application indeed.Where we would like to say that this application is consist with all user requirements and features.So easily you can fulfill your needs and thoughts with this application as soon as possible.Let’s begin the journey to the mysterious Island with MediaBox using your Mobile phone or Tab.


Application Size86.46MB
FeaturesPrevious Bug fixing
Security Updates

So if this is the version that you might be hope ,here you have the place to dance and have fun with your leisure time.Ok then let’s see what are the remaing interesting points and features on this application.Firstly please be known about the features and services of this application.It will be helpfully for your further userbility of this application.

Features & Services of MediaBox

  • 100% free Movies
  • All latest & Old Cinemas
  • Direct downloads of videos
  • All upcoming Cinema news as well as trailer videos
  • Fast loading and downloading speed
  • Simple user interface
  • Easy navigation system
  • High quality videos
  • Several video qualities(Optional)
  • Small size
  • High performance
  • Online & offline video watching

What do you expect from MediaBox more ?

Actually this application is the best featuring third party mobile friendly Movie streaming application in 2020 and all you needed features are free.

MediaBox VIP

This is the most stable and add free version of MediaBox and available for small amount of money.Even though this version ask few bucks,this version is very helpfully for you.But why ?

  • No advertising
  • High priority request
  • Using new features and apps
  • Priority support
  • Support on multiple devices

So we recommend this VIP version on all peoples who have the ability to pay small amount on this application VIP version activation to join with and feel better more than ever.

MediaBox Best Alternatives

If you are boring with MediaBox or its contents,please try following alternative apps to watch and direct download your favorite Movies,TV shows,Cartoons & Animated Movies for free.(100% free)


MediaBox helps to easily find out the videos and direct downloads of them on your mobile device.iOS and Android platforms are completely very supportive with this application and you can watch online or offline your favorite Movies,TV Shows and Cartoons as well as Animated videos indeed.

MediaBox HD Latest Download

MediaBox HD is the most latest version of MediaBox.This application provides latest Movies,TV Shows,Cartoons & Animated movies without conditions.All videos are downloadable and direct downloading links have provded without redirections.Moreover this application is very mobile friendly and easily loading even with a low signal mode.So you can watch movies using MediaBox HD at any place at any time with your mobile data.Please keep reading and get the all information about this application and its services.

What is MediaBox HD ?

MediaBox HD is the best third party mobile friendly movie streaming application that available for free on both iOS and Android.This application available as IPA & APK.You can choose your platform and follow our instructions to download & install MediaBox for free.

MediaBox HD iOS

MediaBox HD iOS version is very stable version and provides its service as a pro version indeed.Even though Apple does not allow its users to do their regular works freely,users are seraching methods to break its restrictions.But MediaBox HD download and install on iOS platform not a restricted process at all.Easily you will be able to perform this task on your iPhone with our simple MediaBox HD iOS download guidelines.

MediaBox HD APK

MediaBox HD APK version is the way that all Android users have to get their all free opportunities on their Android smart devices .MediaBox HD APK file download and installing always very easy way indeed.So please follow our step by step guidelines to download and install MediaBox HD APK on your Android smart device for free.

MediaBox HD Using Benefits

As a mobile friendly smart application,this application possess very strong and useful features that users would like to use practically.

  • Well categorized videos
  • Subtitles available
  • Direct downloading ability of videos
  • No ads
  • VIP version also available
  • Fast loading speed
  • Fast downloading speed
  • Always updating
  • Latest movies and other videos

MediaBox HD PRO

MediaBox HD provides its service as a PRO version.Even though this is not a PRO version ,you can experience a pro version from this application.All features are availble with this application and all users are acceptable for this society.


MediaBox HD legal ?

Yes.100% legal

MediaBox & MediaBox HD same ?

Yes no diffrence between both names

How could I download the original MediaBox HD ?

Please use our MediaBox HD Download page


MediaBox HD is the most trusted place for both iOS and Android users to watch Movies,Cartoons,TV Shows and Animated movies.No need to pay for this application.All contents also for free.Multilingual subtitles will be convenienced to different users.

MediaBox iOS V Upcoming Latest Version Download On iOS 14

Apple’s latest exploit,iOS 14 is going to be yours in next few months with a live experience of your life.With this latest iOS firmware you will be able to use MediaBox third party movie streaming application with tons of free Movies,TV Shows,Cartoons & Animations.All Apple iDevice users are expecting this new member that is going to be joined with Apple world with newer features.According to Apple’s official site,this firmware available with high security.So when you are going to download and install any third party application you must follow security requirements that Apple have been imposed.This article will direct you through all about iOS 14 and its features that you should be known that when you are using third party apps on your iPhone such as MediaBox.

The things that you are doing daily will be faster more than ever with iOS 14.Redesigned widgets will be provided you more information.Moreover all components are automatically categorized with make your search queries easy.So let’s see more about this firmware deeply.

iOS 14 Features & Modifications

  • Widgets on the home screen
  • App library
  • Compact calls
  • Picture in picture
  • Pinned conversation
  • Group photos
  • Inline replies
  • New Memoji styles
  • Maps
  • Translate

Not only those mentioned features,but also more other tons of newer features have been added.So you can experience this amazing firmware on your iPhone with your favorite third party applications such as MediBox.

As you already know MediaBox is the best third party movie streaming application.This application compatible with iOS 14.MediaBox also upgrading regularly with fascinating interface.As a result of that MediaBox V released on its users.Please use our download button to download this latest version on your iOS 14 running iPhone.

MediaBox V Features

  • No revokes
  • Fast loading speed
  • Fast downloading speed
  • Regularly updating
  • Hgh security
  • No jailbreak
  • All videos are downloadable
  • Subtiltes available

This applicatios facilitated onscreen video playing feature and search suggesions too.So this application & iOS 14 combination will be the experience on its users indeed.


Is MediaBox legal ?

Yes this application working properly so far without any legal problems

Can I download videos without download manager ?

Yes.Very simply you can download videos

Can I watch latest videos ?

As a regularly updating application,all newly released movies available on this application


MediaBox V is the best place to watch unlimited free Movies,TV shows,Cartoons,Animations on iOS 14.No hardware or software restrictions will be imposed on your device.Please follow our download guide and make the process of Movie watching too easy and share your ideas with us.Thank you.

MediaBox Version On iOS 13.4.1-Latest Update

Now you can download MediaBox version on your iOS 13.4.1 running iPhone/iPad.Just tap on the download button and hit the Install.Then you will be with MediaBox latest version in 2020.This application provides you a lot of movies and TV shows with regularly updating.Even though some downloads shows some vulnerabilities,this download will give you the best solution to use this application obviously.

MediaBox Version Download Package

Version:V2.4.9.2 Latest


Jailbreak:Not Required


Updated Features On MediaBox

  • Previous bug fixed
  • Performance improvement
  • Speed up
  • Video quality enhancement
  • Subtitle play improvements

MediaBox Latest Downloading problems & Solutions

When you are downloading MediaBox latest version on your device ,you will be faced on some issues such as Not working.Where our recommendation is follow the steps again and again.

Step 01:Delete the app from your device and reinstall

If that also will not be worked ,please restart your device and follow the same steps again.WE sure that this will be worked.

The Easiest Way To Download MediaBox

Please hit the button & go to our download page and choose your destination and tap on it then hit the Install. That’s all.

Product Activation

Finally Navigate Settings>>General>>Profile & Device Management & Trust this enterprise on your device to activate this production on your device.


  • Latest Movies
  • Latest TV Shows
  • Trending Movies/TV Shows