MediaBox APK V2.5 & The Latest Updates MediaBox VIP.

Here we are back with a good news for Android users from MediaBox.

MediaBox team has been updated its previous version to the latest APK V 2.5.

Now you can enjoy your all preferred Movies.TV Shows,Cartoons and Animated Movies confidentially with the latest version of this application.

Your device will be a Movie theater as soon as possible.

So this will help you to get know all about the MediaBox latest updates as well as MediaBox VIP.

Let’s go to head with this new face and new features of MediaBox.

MediaBox VIP

MediaBox VIP is the best place to feel your latest Cinema experience confidentially.

Free from ads and available other features very well.

Following are the best features of MediaBox VIP.

Even though you are already using this application’s free version,you may have faced for interruptions with advertising and other stuffs.

So VIP version is the best place to get avoid all those interruptions.

How To Become A MediaBox VIP Member

If you are a new member for this streaming application,please download the free version of this app and follow the instructions.

Please go to the MediaBox official website

Then tap on Login To Become VIP.

Then tap on Join Now.

Provide required info and create a Password too.

MediaBox Latest Features

This application provides very advance features such as Trakt Sign Out,RealDebrid Sign in,Premiumize Sign in.

Moreover you can place Media Requests too.

MediaBox team has been created a Help Center on its users.

So with this application’s newer features you can watch all your willing Movies and TV Shows for free.

Movies Most Watched On MediaBox

  • Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings
  • Free Guy
  • Spider-Man:No Way Home
  • Venom:Let There Be Carnage
  • CandyMan
  • Don’t Breath 2
  • The Suicide Squad
  • Jungle Cruise
  • F9

Many other latest Movies available to add on this list.

Please be patient till we provide the rest of all Movie list.


MediaBox V 2.5 is the latest upgraded version of APK.

All Android users are free to download or upgrade this version right now.

Please try this on your smart phone too.

MediaBox Latest & Other Alternative Apps

MediaBox has released its latest version on public with few security updates and bug fixings.This article shows you the entire app description as well as categorization pattern of this application indeed.Where we would like to say that this application is consist with all user requirements and features.So easily you can fulfill your needs and thoughts with this application as soon as possible.Let’s begin the journey to the mysterious Island with MediaBox using your Mobile phone or Tab.


Application Size86.46MB
FeaturesPrevious Bug fixing
Security Updates

So if this is the version that you might be hope ,here you have the place to dance and have fun with your leisure time.Ok then let’s see what are the remaing interesting points and features on this application.Firstly please be known about the features and services of this application.It will be helpfully for your further userbility of this application.

Features & Services of MediaBox

  • 100% free Movies
  • All latest & Old Cinemas
  • Direct downloads of videos
  • All upcoming Cinema news as well as trailer videos
  • Fast loading and downloading speed
  • Simple user interface
  • Easy navigation system
  • High quality videos
  • Several video qualities(Optional)
  • Small size
  • High performance
  • Online & offline video watching

What do you expect from MediaBox more ?

Actually this application is the best featuring third party mobile friendly Movie streaming application in 2020 and all you needed features are free.

MediaBox VIP

This is the most stable and add free version of MediaBox and available for small amount of money.Even though this version ask few bucks,this version is very helpfully for you.But why ?

  • No advertising
  • High priority request
  • Using new features and apps
  • Priority support
  • Support on multiple devices

So we recommend this VIP version on all peoples who have the ability to pay small amount on this application VIP version activation to join with and feel better more than ever.

MediaBox Best Alternatives

If you are boring with MediaBox or its contents,please try following alternative apps to watch and direct download your favorite Movies,TV shows,Cartoons & Animated Movies for free.(100% free)


MediaBox helps to easily find out the videos and direct downloads of them on your mobile device.iOS and Android platforms are completely very supportive with this application and you can watch online or offline your favorite Movies,TV Shows and Cartoons as well as Animated videos indeed.

MediaBox Latest Updates On 05.07.2020

MediaBox free version with its latest updated versions seperately on either platform available newly released Movies,TV Shows,Cartoons,Animations as well as other entertainment videos with multilingual subtitles.So if you are still far away from this application yet ,its time to join with us and share this opportunity to watch unlimited free movies & TV Shows using your mobile device.This will help you to check the updates on this application.

VersionThe Latest
PlatformsiOS & Android
Total Downloads10000000+

This application shows advance features and inherent characteristics more than the other such type of third party movie streaming applications.Please read one by one and get an idea on this application.

MediaBox App Features

  • You can select your player or default player
  • Can select subtitles
  • Available a default subtitle
  • You can change font size
  • You can change Font Color too
  • You can change subtitle background color
  • Subtitle background opacity also you can change
  • User interface also you can change such as the poster size
  • Kid mode available
  • Users can change the Theme

Special Offers On Users From MediaBox

This application offeres some important features its users such as Media Request.If your search query doesn’t show on this application,you have an ability to request it.Then they will give you the requested media on your mobile device indeed.

Filter Search Bar

Once you tap on the search bar ,you can fiter your search query as,

  • Media
  • Movies
  • TV -Shows
  • Music
  • Collections

Using this application you can create your favorite movie list and watch later.This application helps you to make your device a portable movie theater.Watch movies at any time at anyware for free without tickets.Furthermore this application shows following benefits too.

  • No revokes
  • Less ads
  • No need email login
  • No need registrations
  • No need the invitation code

MediaBox VIP Features

MediaBox VIP is the payable version of this application which dedicates following features with the unlimited movies.

  • Community supporting
  • Without advertistments
  • Giving high priority to requests
  • Can use new apps and features
  • Multiple device using ability


Is MediaBox Legal ?

This application contained direct downloading and watching videos only.This application will not direct you to any other sites.So we trust that this is a legal.

Do I need An Invitation code to activate this application ?

Not at all

MediaBox iOS version doesn’t work properly

Please delete and re-install the application

Can I remove completely this application from my device ?

Yes indeed

Is this application download and install effecting on my device warranty ?

No.Because this application download and install doesn’t require any jailbreak or root of your device.


Finally we got the idea that MediaBox is the best featured movie streaming application on both iOS and Android smart devices to get their free unlimited movies.Please follow us and get all the latest and old movies from us.MediaBox iOS and Android versions now available with a regular free manner and VIP.Please use our downloading links and make your ambition true.