Can you download MediaBox from Cydia ?

Yes indeed you can do this.

Because Cydia is a third party app store.

You can Cydia download firstly then download MediaBox from it.

You already know much about MediaBox and its stuffs.

But Cydia ?

Let’s figure this out.

Cydia is an unofficial third party app store which is compatible with iOS platform only.

You must follow a compatible iOS jailbreak method on your device to download and install Cydia.

So our opinion for you is read this article and related article completely and get a complete idea about iOS jailbreak.

Then you can face to Cydia confidentially.

So what is actually Cydia ?


Cydia is the first Unofficial iOS app store.

This app store you can download only with an iOS jailbreaking method.

What is iOS jailbreak

iOS jailbreak is a simple method that you can follow to remove all software restrictions from your device.

You must use a compatible jailbreak tool for this process.

How to jailbreak your device

There are several methods available to jailbreak.

So you have to select your way with a compatible tool.

Please go through our download page and Tutorial guide page to do this.

What are the required devices on iOS jailbreak ?

  • iPhone
  • iPad

Cydia Features

This app shows very advance features that users even can’t believe.

  • You can change your iPhone/iPad themes.
  • Customize your device appearance.
  • Change your device software aspects

Very cool know.

Yes this is the best innovation that ever invented.Using this amazing app store you can do most of things that you would like to do with your iPhone,iPad.

Apple doesn’t let its users to do most of things for free.Thus users have been stuck with some parts.

So Cydia is the best option to remove all barriers from your device. Therefore we invite you to join with us and experience this one on your iPhone/iPad for free.