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1. Sweet Girl

Genre: Action Thriller

When  Amanda Cooper, the loving wife of the protagonist of Sweet girl movie, succumbed to cancer as a result of a pharmaceutical company’s negligence, her husband tries to seek revenge on everyone responsible for her death while being the protector of his daughter.

2. Breathless

Genres: Adventure 

The storyline of Breathless revolves around a police officer father named Manolo who is determined to nab a drug cartel. As the story unveils, he finds his daughter has fallen in love with a man who is unknowingly engaged with that drug cartel.

3. Night Book

Genre: Fiction/ Fantasy

A boy who is keen on listening to horror stories finds himself and his friend is captivated by a modern style witch’s apartment, urging them to find a way to escape.

4. Jurassic Hunt

Genre: Sci-fi thriller

With the hope of culling genetically modified dinosaurs for recreation, a female adventure seeker named Parker teams up with a group of male trophy hunters. During their exercise members of her team are killed one after another mysteriously.
Now Packer is up against a new challenge. Everyone suspects her to be a spy.

5. The tomorrow war

Genres SI-FI/Action

A team of time travellers from the year 2015 pop up and warns that in 30 years the earth is going to be on the verge of aliens attract. Now people in the present are left with no option other than to alter the future.

6. Don’t breath 2

Genre: Horror/Thriller

Norman Nordstrom, a blind Navy seal war veteran lives with a girl, Phoenix, and a dog peacefully. All that changes when Phoenix is kidnapped by a gangster group, forcing him to search her.

7. Infinite

Genre: Action/Sci-fi

Not until team Infinite informs Evan McCauley little did he know that most of his present memories are from a past life. Then he teams up with Infinite to save mankind from an impending threat.

8. Father moves Mountain

Genre: Drama

During a snow hike son of a retired Romanian intelligent officer goes missing. Mircea, the unwavering father has embarked on a mission to find him.

9. Luca 

Genres: Comedy/Adventure

Luca, a boy with a secret, is having a gala of time during one summer in an Italian town called Riviera. But all that happiness is about to change when his true identity is revealed.

10. Cinderella 

Genre: Fantasy/Romance

Cinderella 2021 is a musical movie based on the fairy tale Cinderella. If you have watched previously Cinderella movie, you’ll surely enjoy this.

11. Egg run

Genre: Animate/Comedy

When a group of Russian goons steal their eggs, a rooster along with his partner decide to engage in a perilous journey to Congo to bring them back.

12. Jolt

Genre: Action/Comedy

Lindy Lewis, a bouncer who can not control her anger, learns that the man, who when on a date with her, has been murdered. And she is determined to find his murderer.

13. Malignant

Genre: Horror/Thriller

A young woman named Madison finds that all of her nightmares are realities from killing her husband when she wakes up from sleep.

14. Shang-chi and the legend of ten rings.

Genre: Adventure/Action

A martial art master, Shang-chi, has to face again a criminal super-powered organization named ten rings which he had confronted with in the past.

15. Old  

Genres: Horror/thriller

A family of four goes on a family vacation trip to a tropical resort and visit a secluded beach only to find that their lives are limited to only one day.

16. Candy Man

Genre: Horror/Triller

When Anthony and his wife move to New location called Cabrini, a place associated with horror. Anthony ends up facing with series of violence after unwittingly open a door to a mysterious past.

17. Dune 

Genres: Sci-fi/Adventure

In a time where travel faster than light is real, Paul Atreides, a man destined to save mankind from danger, must admit on a travel to a sand-filled planet called dune.

18. The guilty

Genre: Drama/Thriller

On a one-morning, while doing his duty as a police call centre officer of 911, a cop receives a call from a kidnapped woman. Now he is tasked with rescuing her at all costs.

19. No time to de 

Genre: Action/Adventure

Missioned with rescuing an abducted scientist, James Bond is very close to catching the villain armed with a state-of-the-art weapon.

20. My Son

Genre: Drama/Mystery 

Mr  Murray learns that their only seven-year-old son has been kidnapped after a phone call from his wife. With the inspector, Roy should take down his son’s kidnappers.
My son is a remake of the French movie  Mon garcon.

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