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MediaBox iOS is the best solution on all iDevice users to watch their favorite Movies,TV Shows,Cartoons,Animated Movies using iPhone/iPad without downloading or pay for any application indeed.

So we invite on all iPhone/iPad users to use MediaBox iOS on their devices for free.

When you feel thirst, to quench it, without a shadow of a doubt, you opt for water over any other drink right? In the same way, when you are in a thirst for watching the latest TV series and movies for free, you have to find an app like water as the permanent solution. Although there are a plethora of apps like so-called fizzy drinks to quench that thirst, have you ever come across a real app like water?

So, today in this article we are going to explain how to download that water like Media Box HD app and how to download and install it on your devices.

If your device is none jailbroken, (Without a computer)

How to download Mediabox HD with Appvalley third-party app store

First let’s see how we can Install Appvalley .

1. Go to General >>VPN

Delete all the VPN If they have already been activated from here.

2. Go to Settings>>General>>Device Management >>Developer App and delete all the profiles listed under the developer App.

3. Go to safari browser and go to Appvalley official site by typing in the URL.

4. A message like 


5. Another message may pop up as soon as you enter the site after tapping on the OK

OPEN THIS PAGE IN ‘iTunes’. Tap on ‘Cancel’.

6. Advertisement will pop up now. To close it tap on ‘Exit’.

7. Now you can see three icons in a row. Apply an icon to the left of your screen with a logo of a snowcapped mountain. Tap on ‘Install’.

8. When you tap on it a message will pop up.


Tap ‘allow’.

9. Now you can see a message confirming the download. Close it.

10. Go to Settings>>General>>Profile>>Appvalley

11. To the top left corner you can see the ‘Install’ blue button. Tap on it.

12. Enter the password and tap on install.

13. When the installation is over you can see ‘Done’ in the place where the ‘install’ button was.

14. If you go to the home screen, you can see Appvalley icon.

Next, it’s time to install Mediabox HD

1. Open the installed Appvalley app, go to the search bar and type in ‘MediaBox HD’.

2. When you can see Media Box HD in the search results that on the ‘Get’ button.

3. Then tap on install.

4. Now the installation process starts. Sit tight until you can see the MediaBox HD icon on your home screen.

5. Now go to Settings>>General>>Profile and device management >>Trust.


When you try to download the MediaBox HD app from Appvalley, sometimes installation doesn’t proceed. This may be due to the certificate of Appvalley being revoked by Apple.

In that case, repeat the above-explained Appvalley installation process.

Install Mediabox HD with TutuApp

1. First, install the tutu app from the official site or follow the given link.

2. Then trust the newly installed app tutu app

To do that 

Go to Settings>>General >>Profile and device management >> Developer App

3. Open the tutu app and Type in Media Box HD.

4. When Mediabox HD appears in the search results tap on it.

5. When you tap you can see the Mediabox app with the logo to the left and the blue download button to the right.

6. Tap on the download button 

7. Now go back to the screen and trust the Mediabox HD app by following the pathway that you used to trust the tutu app.

Install MediaBox HD with Altstore (With a computer)

First, download and install Altstore on your PC .


1. Go to the official site of Altstore and download the MAC compatible version.

2. Go to download and unzip the file.

3. Drag it and drop it to the application folder. Double click on it.

4. Click on the open button.

5. Go to the Desktop and in the top bar, you can see Altstore icon. Click on it.

6. Click on Install mail plugin >>install plugin>>OK

7. Enter apple password 

8. Open mail app Preferences>>General>>Manage Plugin

9. Tick mail.pluginbundle>>allow access>>apply and restart 

10. Connect iPhone to MAC and trust computer.

11. Go to desktop Altstore icon install Altstore >>Select the device 

12. Enter your Apple ID and password 

13. Go to the iPhone home screen and trust Altstore 


Settings>>General>>Profile and Management>>Developer app>>trust .

Scroll down to read the rest.

For Windows PC

1. Go to the official site of Altstore and download the Windows-compatible version.

2. Unzip it and double click on it to install.

3. Go to the search bar and find the alt server. Click on it.

4. Install both iCloud and update.

5. Connect your iOS device to the computer and trust the computer.

6. Go to the taskbar ^ icon and field Altstore installs Altstore>>Select device.

7. Give your Apple ID and password>>install 

8. Go to the iPhone homepage and trust the app Settings>>General >>Profile and device management >>developer app and finally trust.

When the Altstore installation process is finished, 

1. Go to the official website of Mediabox HD using the safari browser and download the IPA file compatible with your iOS Device.

2. Open the Altstore app, tap on the plus icon that can be found at the top left corner and add the downloaded IPA file.

3. The installation process automatically starts as soon as you and the file.

Sit tight until it is over.

4. Go back to the home screen. You can find the MediaBox HD icon on your home screen.

If your device is jailbroken,

1. Open the Cydia App.

2. There is a button named sources to the left bottom corner. Tap on it.

3. Tap on edit. It has been designed to the top right corner.

4. In order to add a source to tap on the ‘Add’ button.

5. Now type in the repo in the popped-up prompt as follows and then tap on add source.

6. Select ‘theme repo’ to begin the installation process.

7. Wait until the installation is completed.

8. Now head over to the home screen. You can see the Mediabox HD icon.

Install MediaBox HD with Sideloadly

1. Download Sideloadly using the given link.

2. Open Sideloadly and connect your iPhone with a PC using the USB cable.

3. Enter Apple ID

3. Go to the Media box HD IPA File from the site

4. Drag the Mediabox IPA file and Drop it in to open the Sideloadly app.

5. Click the start button. If you are asked to enter apple credentials give it as the next step.

6. Click on OK and the side loading process starts as you click.

7. Head over to the home screen and you can see the MediaBox HD app on your screen.

Install MediaBox HD through Tweak Box 

First Download TweakBox .

1. Log in to the official website and download Tweak box on your device.

2. Once download is completed tap on install.

3. Now you can see the installed TweakBox app’s icon on your home screen.

4. Then go to Settings>>General>>Profile and Device Management and trust TweakBox

5. Open tweak box app and tap on apps tab 

6. Go to search bar and type MediaBox HD in search bar.

7. Tap on search results and then tap on install.

8. Now if you go to the home screen you can see how app is installing on your device.

9. Sit tight until I installations completes 

10. Trust the app as mentioned instep number 4 if you are asked to do so.

Top 4 MediaBox iOS Alternatives 

1. ZiniTevi

 This is one of the best app to stream free TV shows and films. In ZiniTevi app movies has been arranged into collection, making it easier for the user to search movies. Latest TV series and movies up to 4K quality can be found in this app.

2. Popcorn Time 

Popcorn time is also known as the Netflix for piarets. This app has been able to dodge all the barrier of bureaucrats of many counties.

Once famous app popcorn time has been resurrected by its developers recently.

If you install this app all the latest up to date movies are at you fingertip.

3. MovieBox 

As the name implies, Movie Box is a box filled with latest movie and TV shows.

You and download and install Movie Box iOS version of your device by following the given link.

4. ShowBox 

Show box in also another great app to that can be installed on your device if you are unable to install MediaBox iOS version. However, reliability in terms of Working is questionable.


If you are a movie buff like most of our blog readers, with MediaBox, you can stream your go to TV shows and movies at no cost. To make it happen please follow the steps as explained in the article. Also, if you find this blog post please feel free to spread the word about our blog among your friends.