MediaBox HD APK

Hi readers, these days so many people are eagerly finding reliable apps to watch movie and TV shows for free. If you are one of such Congratulations! You have completed the first step to watch TV shows and movies for free by clicking on this Google search results. The rest of the steps we will be sharing with you in this article will put you on the right path on how to install MediaBox HD on your Android device. 

Download and install MediaBox HD APK on Android mobile phone.

First all your device to install apps from unknown sources.

1. Go to settings

2. And then to ‘lock screen and security. Tap it.

3. Next go to unknown sources. Turn on unknown sources.


4. Open up your browser and go to the official site of MediaBox

3. You’ll see different versions of this and download the Android version

4. When you tap on download pop up a message warning that the app you are going to download may harm your device .Simply ignore it.

It may take few minutes to finish the download

5. Now go to file manager and under downloads, you can see the apk of MediaBox. Tap on it to start the installation process.

6. When you tap, you are asked if you want to install it. Tap on yes.

7. When it is over installing you’ll be asked to open the MediaBox app. Tap on open.

8. One-time message asking your permission to allow using user phones media will populate. Tap on allow.

Now you can enjoy the latest contents as you wish.

Download and install MediaBox HD APK on Chromecast

1. Switch on Chromecast and go to the setting
2.Go system and click on it.
3. Next go to about and select it.
4. Under about locate Android TV is but option and tap on it seven times in order to enable the developer option.
5. Next go back again to the Apps tab.
6.To the bottom you can find the security and restriction. Click to select it.
7. Now you can see install apps from unknown sources. Turn it on all toggles.
8. Now go to the downloader and type in the URL of MediaBox website and click on go.

9. Now select the of the app to download and install.

10. At this moment you can delete the downloaded APK if you want to.

Download and install MediaBox HD APK on Nvidia shield TV

1. Click apps icon.

2. Click on ‘getting more’ apps button.

3. Go to the search bar and type the ‘analiti’. Click on the app and on Nvidia shield.

4. When it is over open the application.

5. To the left side you can locate a tab named ‘Web Check’. Click it.

6. That will open the browser. Type the URL. Go to MediaBox website.

7. When you try to download, messages asking for permission to access files of your device pop up. Click allow.

8. As the next step ‘Install unknown apps’ prompt will pop up. Turn on allow.

9. Now downloading process has started.

10. When download is over, click on ‘Install’ button.

11. If you head over to home you can see the newly installed MediaBox HD app.

Download and install MediaBox HD APK on Amazon Fire TV/Fire Stick

1. First power on fire TV.
2. Then Go to settings>my fire TV>Developer Option
3. Toggle on ‘ADB debugging’ and ‘apps from unknown resources’
4. If you haven’t installed the downloader app yet get it on your fire TV by following below steps
5. Go to the search bar and type ‘downloader’.
6. Now you can see an orange colored icon named downloader. Click on it to commence the installation.
7. Open app the downloader app and go to the official MediaBox website.
8. Download the APK file and click on install button to commence the installation process.

Download and install MediaBox HD APK on MI Stick

1. First of all, go to google play store and search the downloader.

2. Click on the downloader app.

3. Go to Settings >device preferences>Security and Restrictions >Unknown sources

4. Now turn on Downloader option.

5. In the app launcher of MI Stick you can find the downloader app. Click it.

6. Select Allow>OK

7. Now go to the MediaBox official site. Type the URL and clicking on ‘Go’.

8. Download APK file and click on install when it is completed.

Download and install MediaBox HD APK on your PC (Window / Mac)

1. First you need to download the MediaBox apk file on your PC

2. Now you have to install the blue stack android emulator on your PC. Go to the blue stack official site.

3. When installation is over, open the blue stack.

4. Now on the blue stack window you will see a folder named system apps next to the google-play store icon. Click on it

5. Now Find the Media Manager icon and click on it.

6. As you click blue stack media manager will open.

7. Now click on the tab named ‘Import from windows’. A window will open.

8. Now select the ‘panda helper app file from the opened window and click on the open button.

9. As you click to open apk file will be added to blue stack software now

10 clicks on the ‘panda-helper app button to start the installation.

11. Once the installation is completed click the open button.

Feature of MediaBox HD App that save your day


Say if you want to leave watching contents halfway through. It is true that you always can’t remember at which point you stopped watching it.And that is where Trakt comes to your help. Trakt is a website helps you keep track of the TV shows and movies that you watch using MediaBox HD.

1. First you need to create an account. Trakt profile either by signing up by producing your email or with your .Google account.

2. Tap ‘Trakt sign in ‘.

3. Go to the web URL as mentioned in that prompt before the activation code given in red color expires.

4. The remaining time before the code expires is shown in seconds to the bottom of this prompt.

3. When the activation URL is loaded type the code and tap on the continue.

4. Next tap on yes

5. Now MediaBox HD app installed on your phone is successfully connected with the Trakt account.

You can upgrade Trakt account to the premium as you wish.

Real derbird

When you are having troubles with your internet connection, real debris help you to stream contents without buffering.

1. First Tap ‘Real derbird sign in’

2. Next go to the link in the populated prompt right after creating an account.

3. Enter the code and continue.

4. Enter password and username and log in.

5. Tap on allow.

6. At this moment you can select a name. Type the name and tap the ‘Set that name’ button.


Premiumize helps you to find out high-quality download links .With the help of its VPN service you can protect your privacy.

1. Create a Premiumize account

2. Go to the ‘Account data’.

3. Go to ‘the API key’

4. Tap on ‘Show API’.

5. Copy the alphanumeric key.

6. Next go to the ‘Premiumize Sign in ‘ and then tap it.

7. When the prompt to enter the API key appear Paste the key and tap on the ‘sign in’ button.

Built in players

When you stream contents with MediaBox you can make use of these inbuilt players and also third party players already install on your device like MX, VLC can be used.

Parental Control 

Thanks to parental control feature now you also can make your children to watch TV shows and films without having to worry about the contents of the videos that they watch.

Troubleshooting Guide

When MediaBox is not working

1. Go to settings 

2. Scroll down until you meet ‘Apps’. Tap on it.

3. Find the installed MediaBox app either by scrolling down or typing in the name on the search bar.

4. Storage>clear cache and clear data

5. Open media box

6. Tap on allow when the app asks you to permit to allow media of your Android phone.

Cannot log in to MediaBox account 

Check if your login password and username are correct. Try login into your account after a few minutes or just log in using user google or social media account.

Black or White screen

Close MediaBox app and try reopening it If it doesn’t work try hard rebooting your android phone.

MediaBox VIP

VIP version of this app help you to watch contents.

1. without advertisements.

2. Account can be access using two devices at the same time.

3. You can get the support of MediaBox Community.

4. When requesting movies your request are given priority.


As of 2021 MediaBox is one of the best movie apps that will cater to your free movie and content watching requirement. To know more about this app, please read the rest of our blog posts. If you want to get the unmatchable cinematic experience why not try MediaBox today.