3uTools Best Features On iOS Users.

3uTools is the best iOS helper tool that all iOS users can use on their windows running PC.

This tool you can use to manage your iPhone/iPad with amazing tools.

All you needed customizations you can done with this tool without any software restrictions of Apple.

So please read all best features of 3uTools and experience the convenience of your life with your iPhone/iPad.

Here are five valuable features of the 3u tool that will come in handy for iOS uses.

1. Back up

With this 3u tools feature, you can back up and restore your mobile iOS devices

How to back up,

1. Go to the 3u tool official site and download and install the 3u tool on your PC.
2. Plug your device into the 3u tool installed PC via the lightning cable.
3. Go to tools and then click on the green coloured backups icon.
4. A window will pop up. Select ‘Back up iDevice button’.
5. Now from the next window you can choose back up the path and then click
‘Back up now button’.
6. It will take few minutes to complete the process.Sit tight.

Now that we have backed up, we will see how to restore backed up files.


1. Once you connect your iPhone
Click tools>>back up and restore
2. Now choose the files that you need to restore from backup files and then click the ‘restore now’ button.
3. Keep your phone plugged into the PC until the device resprings after the restore process.

Few exceptions

This option doesn’t work for synced iTunes data,iCloud photos, Apple pay info data.

2. Ringtone

Make your customized ringing tone

Here is how

1. Plug your iPhone into a 3utool installed PC.
2. Click on the tool after that choose ‘Make a ringing tone’
3. As you click another window, where you can import the desired mp3 file either from your iDevice or from PC, will pop up.
4. Once it is added you can crop the desired part of the file by adjusting the start point and endpoint.
5. Once you finish clicking on ‘Generate ringing tone’ and then ‘import to iDevice’ buttons accordingly.

3. Real-time Screen

Whenever you want to cast, in other words, share your screen on your PC, you can make use of this option.
Follow these steps

1. Plug your iDevice into your 3u tool installed PC.
2. Then click ToolBox >> Realtime screen.
3. Now in the next window you can see your shared mobile screen.
You also can take screenshots of the shared screen and save it either to local or clipboard.
4. To find saved screenshots simply click on the ‘Open screenshot directory ‘ button located next to the ‘Screenshot’ button.

4. Convert Video

When you find download video file format is not compatible with your iPhone player you can do this without downloading another player.

Following formatted videos can only be converted.

mp4, m4v, rm, Avi, 3gp, Flv, WMV, mpg, Rmvb, MPEG, MOV, Mkv.

1. Open the 3u tool on your computer and connect your iPhone through the cable.
2. Select ToolBox >> Video converter
A window titled ‘convert video’ will pop up.
4. Select the ‘Add video’ button to add the video to 3u tool software, set video output location, quality and volume.
5 . Then click on the convert button.

5. SSH( secure cell )

This feature helps you to have a protected communication of data

Only for jailbroken devices

First, you have to install OpenSSH on your device using Cydia.

1. Go to Cydia’s search bar and type in OpenSSH and install it by clicking the blue ‘install’ button.
2. Once it is installed tap on the ‘Return to Cydia button
3. Now open the 3u tool and plug in your phone to PC
4. Select toolbox and then openSSH icon.
A ‘Succeed to Open SSH channel ‘  will pop up

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Thanks to 3u tool developers now as iOS uses you have the opportunity to make your day to day works easy. In this article, we have discussed 3uTools best features.