Privacy Policy is an educational website and based with tutorial guides for users only.All contents of this website we have provided only for satisfied service only.Except those purposes we have not been provided any copyright contents at all.We are trying to give our maximum service to our users to keep the relationship between users with providing their needs with users requests.All data that we collect from users will be well protected and those data only for your service only.Furthermore those data collection will be treated according to the Spanish Laws on the protection of personal data and regulation (EU) 2016/679 & General Data Protection Regulation.(95/46/EC).

All collected data will be kept with protectively and will be applied for provide users feedbacks only.We guarantee the privacy of collected data will be protected with us without letting any unauthorized access,deletion,manipulation of third parties.Moreover your data will not be published for public too.

What is the purpose of collecting data ?

As we previously indicated all data we collect only for provide our service for our users.We are asking only names & email addresses of users who needed our service.This data collection we done via either with our contact form or comment section.Those data we are collecting only with users/your consent.Once you ask a question or any sort of service from us,we are providing our feedback related to your need via you provided email address to your given name.Except these purposes we do not collect any other data from you.

Do not provide following data

Except above purposes,please don’t provide any data such as,

  • Credit card details
  • Paypal details
  • Billing address
  • Billing informations
  • Passwords
  • User names
  • Your private address

Those mentioned data we do not expect from you.So please don’t provide those data types when you use our website.This website provide 100% genuine and free educational guide only.

What are the data types that we collect from users ?

We are collecting only following data types.

  • Email address
  • Name of User
  • Device type & platform


We are not using cookies

Data collecting methods

Currently we are using Google webmaster tool and Google Analytic Dashboard to search the user’s attraction to our website and to be aware about the all malfunctions of our website that might be harmful for our users.After detecting any sort of malware of this educational guidance we are taking all immediate actions to correct those errors and to provide the service fruitfully as well as trustfully.Thank you google for this valuable opportunities.

Collected Data Retention Period

All collected informations will be kept with us untill we fulfilled your necessary.After providing a stisfied service on this product for our users we do not keep those collected data at all.Therefore we have to keep your data until you will be received our trustful service & your feedback for us about our service.